The cosmetic industry offers promises of better-looking, healthier-looking skin - about covering up or adding things to your skin and tissues, or even undergoing surgery. Why not just have better, healthier skin? That's what beauty health is about.

Our lymphatic massage will deal with water retention, body shaping, cellulite and detox. We have solutions for just about every skin condition. CACI will give a relaxing, painless, non-surgical facelift. And Sima’s time-tested wisdom of everything from ingredients to lifestyle will make you not just look better, but
be better. Why not come in for a free consultation?.

Let's explain 'beauty health'

Who are we?

Sima has been a qualified beautician for 20 years. In that time, she has treated many famous faces and developed her own concepts in beauty therapy and the use of natural products. Her treatments deliver well-acclaimed results and an all-round sense of well-being that meet the individual needs of each person.

Fernando is an established business man with experience in different sectors such as; catering, retail and beauty spas. Fernando has a vision of a place where people can receive relaxing, non-surgical treatments with amazing effects. Sima and Fernando's business concepts have combined to bring you Sima & Fe’.